Save the date

Whether you’re going to simply pop by with a present or make a whole day of it, don’t forget to let her know in advance – lots of Mums are super-busy, whilst some just like the anticipation! – it also makes sure she’s not out when you drop in with your gift!


It’s a wrap

Take care with the wrapping, don’t just bung it in a bag! There’s lots of eco friendly ways to do this that don’t cost much – for small items such as jewellery you can make a funky box by recycling a loo roll! You can even spray a little of her favourite fragrance – scents are so evocative and really add the personal touch.

Get your bake on!

Whether it be a cake, a brunch, or even a 3 course meal , make sure it looks and smells delicious and take extra care to make it looks extra special with napkins, flowers and gleaming glassware, the whole works! Take a look at Pinterest for some amazing ideas whether it be butterfly placeholders, cute carafes or photo place cards.

Up close and personal

Choose a gift that really suits her personal style – if she’s a fan of a crisp shirt, our square cufflinks would be perfect! Or is she a glamour puss who likes to dazzle with drop earrings? Either way we’ve got it sussed – (link to both items)


Just a Mum-ento

As you give her a goodbye hug, create a small distraction – then whilst she’s not looking pop a little momento of your day in her handbag or on her calendar. This could be a photo of you both, a simple post-it or even a lottery ticket reminding her she’s a mum in a million. She’ll love it!