If you want to make your Valentine’s Day extra special, why not combine some old Valentine customs with your own ideas?

In the past lovers made their own unique cards with poems, sent pressed flowers or held a party for all their loved ones. It’s been celebrated as far back as the Roman era so there’s a lot of customs to choose from. In some countries it’s associated with the start of spring and celebrated as the day when plants and flowers take root and birds ‘marry’.

Here’s our own Dance Jewellery top 5 tips to help you make Valentine’s day extra special!

No 1: Earrings ‘planted’ in posy of flowers

No 2: A short poem or personal message alongside your gift

No 3: An invite to a party or event where they can wear a piece of jewellery you have given them will make it extra memorable!

No 4: With giving a pair of earrings, hide one of them and then provide them with a clue as to where it’s hidden

No 5: Cufflinks make an unusual Valentine’s present - but make sure she has the right shirt to wear them with too!

Happy Valentines!