Ed Balls and Katya Jones didn’t come last this week and neither did they get into the dance off. Their Halloween Cha Cha was very entertaining Ed being a mad scientist and Katya I think his resulting experiment! Ed kept in time with the music one of the positive comments from the judges. One thing you can say about Ed balls is that he gives it his all. His guilt on being on strictly didn’t really show in their dance!

Yet again Daisy Lowe and Anastasia were both in the dance off. Anastasia and Brendan were at the bottom of the leader board but Daisy had a great score of 33. So you could sense that everyone knew before they danced who would be leaving.

Anastasia has been a great contestant and a real sport. I loved their last dance; The jive to “Bat out of Hell” by Meatloaf. However the judges were critical of Anastasia’s flat footedness, kicks not being sharp enough, knees needed to be up more with Craig being the most critical.

For next week: How long can Ed last? This is the question.