Sunday saw the exit of Ed Balls and Katya Jones. Because of all the hype it was expected. How could the BBC let him stay in.

Online comments where mixed. There was trouble with online voting with many people not being able to get their vote in. And some saying that the BBC couldn't let Ed stay.

There were some comments that the whole thing was fixed and that the BBC are so politically correct that they we rigg it to get the result they want. It is a shame that the voting isn't transparent as this gives fuel to these arguments.

If there was some independent body that monitors these reality game shows so they are being honest. The truth will out but probably in 30 to 40 years time!

Some of the dancing this week was awesome and we loved Claudia's routine, totally amazing! Of course Ed did really well and kept in time and the foot work was all there! He has improved immensely and if there was a prize for the most improved we believe Ed should get it!

Not forgetting the 40 for Mr perfect, Danny Mac for their wonderfully unique African inspired zumba routine. The judges went crazy for them. It was a perfect 40 score for the second week running and a first for the zumba dance on Strictly.

Can wait for next week, nearly there, nearly Christmas.....