The final of Strictly contained 3 worthy winners; Simon, Frankie and Caroline. They had all been through so much to get to the final and developed as dancers, there was barely a layer of fake tan between them.

Simon; the unnatural dancer who had made such amazing progress; Frankie with a style of natural grace and lightness; Caroline with raw passion and determination to succeed.

Frankie could have made it if she had done her wicked number and slightly upped the game on the show dance - Craig's horse comment was uncalled for but I get what he meant, they could have done something more spectacular than jumping around on benches.

Simon's tango was completely jaw dropping and showed a different side to not just him but Kristina. I’d previously thought that while a great dancer I didn’t like her personal style which was a bit too impersonal and slightly show-offy, however he brought out her more subtle side which I found interesting.

But in the end there could only be one winner and Caroline flapped, flipped and flung herself all the way to the end. Her beautiful and emotional balletic show dance was raw and emotional and as she flew into Pasha's arms as though pulled by an unseen force, she finally winged her way to victory; the Glitterball Trophy was hers!