Danny Mac has definitely has competition with Ore Odube who performed a fantastic 60's inspired jive resulting in 3 out of 4 judges giving a perfect 10. You guessed it Craig who gave a 9! So Ore and Joanne Clifton now have the highest score of this series of a near perfect 39!

Lesley Joseph and Anton were superb with Craig describing their Charlston as "shockingly good". Darcy loved the high kicks and Len stated that it was definitely their best dance. They achieved their highest score yet with 31.

Ed Balls and Katya Jones Paso doble to "holding out for a hero" was unkindly named "Slaying of the Paso doble" and it got a very low score of 16! But even that low score didn't get them in the dance-off! They must be doing something right!

Naga and Pasha were the first to know their dance off fate! Then Anastasia and Brendon again but I think her previous battle helped them as they were saved for another week. A goodbye to Naga and Pasha this week :-(