After last nights Strictly show, Ed balls is still in the running despite being bottom of the leader board with a total of 23 from the Strictly judges.

There were many calls for Ed to bow down as political editor John Sergeant did in 2008 after being repeatly saved by the viewers. However Ed has said that he will not do this as; “The public decide who becomes, President or Prime Minister, or who stays in Strictly.”

We have to say that Ed has not previously dance before Strictly unlike most of the competitors that are getting the top marks – Danny Mac for one and quite honestly it shows. If you have had dance training you are going to pick up the moves, posture, style and rhythm so much quicker than those who have never danced.

Ed’s improvement which is quite remarkable is because of his tenacity, dedication and hard work. The starting points are very different from Ed to Danny and it showed from the first week. So calling for Ed to quit is unfair and unsportsmanly. Katya and Ed’s routines are entertaining but also great dances. You have to start somewhere and why not start at 49 like Ed? It gives those who think they can’t belief that they can.

We are cheering Ed on!

See Ed Balls routine on Utube!

Saying that it was sad to see Greg leave Strictly last night as he had also been a great contestant who had also improved immensely but the voting public put him in the last two. Then the judges picked Claudia the gymnast over Greg.