5 reasons why dancing is good for you

1. Dance away the blues

Not only is dancing good for you physically but it’s also a great mood booster too. So if you have the January blues, put on your dance shoes and simply dance them away.

2. You can burn more calories that jogging!

An aerobic dance sesh can burn upwards of 443 calories per hour. And yes, that booty shaking salsa class, jumping jive or quickstep Chasse-ing totally counts.

3. Fun and friendly

It’s a good way to make friends or meet a partner. Dancing is a very sociable past time and often groups develop a strong bond and stay friends for many years. In social dancing you meet a lot of people, it’s a bit like a speed dating with body language!

4. Brain boost

Too much TV can leave you feeling inactive and in a rut. Dancing beats rifling through Netflix to try and find the new series someone told you about but you can’t even remember the name of. It can also create new neural connections in your brain, helping to ward off the onset of dementia and improve your mobility and dexterity

5. Time to shine

You don’t have to dress up, but going to a social dance event is a great excuse to put your best dress, Swarovski clear crystal earrings or even a wow black crystal cuff bracelet to match your dazzling dancing shoes and take your moment in the spotlight. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!"