Yes controversy ended the first competitive programme. Due to Strictly rules if one of the partners can't dance due to injury in the "Dance Off" then the couple with the least votes go home. So we wave goodbye to Melvin and Jeanette. Here's the snap shot was taken as they heard the news on live Sunday programme.

First to find out that they were in the bottom two was Anastasia and Brendan Cole. Due to Anastasia's injury they changed their route only hours before the Saturday's Strictly Show.

It was quite obvious that Anastasia concerns about having to do the route again were very founded. And so it was announced after Melvin and Jeanette had been selected as the other bottom pair that they were to go home.

As much as I liked Melvin's dances I will look forward to Anastasia's next saucy performance, hopefully injury free. Her Crystal studded hairpiece was lovely and we shall be taking note of the beautiful hairpieces and crystal earrings worn by the dancers, Darcy and the presenters, Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman. No doubt using Swarovski crystals for that extra sparkle under the dance floor.

We are looking forward to the stars routines as it's "Movie Week" with Judge Rinder jokingly dressing up as Fred Finstone and Claudia Fragapane's Charleston. Looking forward to it.